Pete Larsen


June 2020


Online Course


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Make it Shockingly Easy!

Finding a reliable source for online renewal courses and continuing education for electricians can be difficult despite the accessibility of information today. Pete Larsen, a local electrical professional in Colorado Springs posed this exact problem to us this last year. After exploring what material should be covered, we got to work creating a full online course that can serve both as a great asset to electricians but also a great resource for employers as well. Pete’s invaluable knowledge of the industry inspired the structure and legitimacy of the scenes.

Chris sitting at monitor on set

A big topic of the course was safety. Because of that, there were many heart wrenching, hard stories that were covered. When you see the consequences of negligence as an electrician, it’s much easier to think twice when complacency arises. That is what this curriculum was designed to do. Creating stories with impact happens on the ground level, where people experience their day to day life, so we ended up producing this course right in a local electricians warehouse.

Behind the scene of full ESC set

Our involvement included an A+B camera setup, along with complicated setups with our grip truck, diffusing and adding light to the warehouse for a commercial ‘soft’ look. We took this project from video, to graphic design, and finally into a long form edit that we can look back on and be proud of. This course serves as 4 hours of continued education for electricians that can be achieved in the comfort of their own home. Check out the website to see our work.

Small warehouse interview setup