Jared Anderson


June 2020





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The Show Must Go On!

Every year, Jared Anderson hosts a Christmas stage production honoring and benefiting kids with down syndrome. This event has become a tradition for many and a special hallmark of the holidays for the community. With the impact felt by COVID-19, our team alongside Jared have continued the momentum of the show by creating a Christmas streamed special. Despite working within the new challenges of our global pandemic, we found that we were still able to reach out and capture interesting stories of families and individuals that down syndrome affects directly.

Wideshot of live show

Similarly to the trend set by this last year, we were able to create something awesome that was virtual but also impactful. We were able to utilize most of our grip and electric equipment and work in various locations in the Colorado Springs area over the course of a couple months. One interesting location we utilized that we’ve actually shot at before is The Piano Warehouse. It offers such a hole in the wall, piano mechanic shack vibe that cannot be found anywhere else.

interview with family

Truthfully, it is hard to slow down and understand and relate with humanities daily struggles. 2020 felt like just what we needed to slow down and gain perspective on the marginalized and the forgotten in the down syndrome community and beyond. Access Media Group, Inc. is about telling stories of diversity and we took the same approach with Christmas This Year. Although it is not the same as previous years, we were able to put together a show that still harbored celebration and its true meaning for all of us.

BTS interview with Jared