Pikes Peak APEX


September 2020


Mountain Bike Race



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Pushing Our Creative Bounds

When Pikes Peak APEX first reached out to us to produce high energy recaps and promo material for their inaugural bike race, it was perfect timing and a great change of pace for our team. The schedules were busy and the hours were long but it was a rewarding product in the end. The excitement was to be on the cutting edge of telling these athlete’s stories beyond statistics and performances.

Bikes flying through the woods

For many of the riders, it was their first race in 2020 due to shut downs and cancellations. What made the APEX different is that the 4 day stage race took precautions seriously and worked hard to maintain regulations. This was especially because there were professional bike racers from around the world including Xterra world champions, some of the best athletes alive in crosstrek and enduro riding, along with local legends. The beauty of the race is that all bikers were able to enter. That meant hobbyists and amateurs alike got to ride alongside their heroes in the sport.

Single rider with sun flare

Overall, our work included daily recap videos at the end of each of the four days. On average, it required six shoulder rig camera buildouts, a cable cam and three drones in the sky, totaling about 30 hours of sports coverage and interviews. The most rewarding part was that we got to stretch our legs in some of the more beautiful areas of the front range. Garden of the Gods, Palmer Park, Rampart Range, and Gold Camp Road just to name a few.

Aerial view of pikes and bicycles racing